About Us


Berle Farm has a twenty year history of diversified farming. The farm has evolved to a low outside input style with a beautiful little dairy herd of 10 cows. Our organic cattle graze 400 hundred acres of pasture. We grow open pollinated, saved seed corn, oats, rye and hay, as well as, vegetables and fruit.


Our food is grown with care and an expressed love for the land from which it comes. The model of land nourishing people and people nourishing land is brilliant and our goal. The cheese and yogurt are a concentration of our work with sun, weather, grass, tillage and community.




Farmer Beatrice Berle stands in her apple orchard at the Berle Farm on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, in Hoosick, N.Y. Berle grows heirloom apples.
(Paul Buckowski / Times Union)